Grasmere, Saturday 1st March 2003

Bridget called and asked if we wanted to go walking at the weekend. The weather forecast was reasonable so we decided to go to the Lakes. On the way up we stopped at Booths supermarket in Windermere for a coffee and to select a walk. Bridget had brought copies of some Trail walks so we plumped for one from Grasmere. After a troll round the village we found a car park here that had plenty of spaces and wasn't extortionate. By this time, of course, it had started to rain.

click We set off up Easdale Road and, after a slight detour, eventually found ourselves on open ground ascending the ridge towards Steel Fell. This is supposed to offer one of the finest views in the Lake District looking over Grasmere to Loughrigg. Hmmmm...
click The tops were in thick cloud with visibility down to less than 30m in places. I regained some cred by navigating us by compass bearing along an intermittent line of posts. We were reduced to judging distances by counting paces. About 60 of Jim's and 70 of Anne's double paces is 100m. From what we could see of all the tarns we thought this could be quite a pretty route - on a good day.
click In the magazine article, the route continued on to High Raise and then returned via Easdale Tarn. However, we decided we had had enough of feeling our way so when we reached the col we turned left and descended by Far Easdale Gill - which also turned out to be very pretty.
click Near the bottom we noticed a sign that offered a walk trough some woods and homemade teas. We hadn't followed it very far when Anne said 'This is someone's back garden!' It sure looked like it but there were little homemade signs declaring 'Footpath' so we continued. After a while we found this stone. My Latin's not up to much but I guess it involves William Wordsworth's sister. Eventually we emerged at the vegetarian restaurant at Lancrigg. Looks V. expensive. No teas.
click Instead we wandered round Grasmere itself and eventually settled on a tearoom in the middle of a china shop. I felt distinctly nervous swinging my pack about. On the way round we saw, driving his car, Taffy Thomas and later his house. Do you remember him from Baz and Joy's anniversary?