Baz and Joy's Anniversary, 26th-28th July 2002

Joy and Barry decided to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversay, both their 50th birthdays and have a house-warming all at the same time - well why not?

Friday, 26th July 2002

tny_1891.jpg We arrived after 9 o'clock and, after putting up the tent in the garden, headed to The Wheatsheaf and a cracking music session. In the thick of it is Baz (with the mouth organ) next to his boy-hood hero (by the fireplace) Rod Stradling. This lot kept going 'til 2 in the morning.
tny_1893.jpg This is Joy and Anne enjoying themselves in what space there was left in the pub.

Saturday, 27th July 2002

tny_1898.jpg This bundle of fluff, known as "kitten", was as well behaved as it was cute.
tny_1901.jpg Also well behaved were all the other dogs, sheep, goats, pigs, geese, chickens (and probably many other animals which I've forgotten) which kept us all occupied...
tny_1902.jpg ...while breakfast was cooked for us - alfresco.
tny_1909.jpg By midday we had arrived at The Wheatsheaf again where The Ironmen danced in the car park...
tny_1911.jpg ...together with the Severn Gilders.
tny_1913.jpg Inside there was another music session. Who's that by the fireplace again?

The Evening

tny_pano.jpg The barbecue was held in the yard. It was a very grand afair with home-grown goat on a spit, and at least three other barbies for all the meat. There was even a vegetatarian's only barbie.
tny_1920.jpg The evening's entertainment started with some music-hall style numbers from Grand Cru et Al
tny_1923.jpg Then His-Master's-Voice gave a speech.
tny_1925.jpg And Taffy Thomas told a parable about a man who couldn't decide which of his three offspring should inherit his farm. I'm sure Taffy doesn't usually suffer from so much heckling and he was finally upstaged by the timely entry of two geese.
tny_1930.jpg Then the ceilidh band started up. Every time we looked round, someone else had joined in - and their notional fee had increased again! In the end I think we counted 18 musicians representing 9 separate bands. Apart from the bass, it was all acoustic - and quite a sound.
tny_1932.jpg Some of the 'girls' from Mobberley danced a hornpipe and young Gabriella raised a great cheer for her sword dance - although we didn't actually have any swords to hand.
tny_1937.jpg The band had an intermittent rest while we played musical chairs...
tny_1939.jpg ...and then musical statues.

Many were tired from the previous night's excess but the serious party animals didn't get to bed until half past four in the morning!

Sunday, 28th July 2002

tny_1941.jpg In the real morning, the clearing up didn't take very long as many hands make light work. After another alfresco breakfast some braved The Wheatsheaf yet again. The less sensible ones were outside taking in the rather powerful sun. The others were having yet another music session inside. Erm, that wouldn't be Rod again next to the fireplace? Yes it would!

A good time was had by all. Many thanks to all who contributed their talent so freely and also to Joy and Baz for organizing such a great do. Here's to many more years together.

I'm sorry if I have any details wrong - please let me know and I'll correct them.