Little Langdale - 7th July 2002

A short account from the last Vibram meet at Little Langdale. Unfortunately, Thom, one of our cats, was ill during the week. His course of antibiotics lasted until Sunday so we could only travel up for the day. We left home at 7:15 and got to the hut before 9 o'clock while the others were still cooking breakfast. Most of the group wanted to climb, four wanted to cycle leaving five of us to walk a circuit from the hut encompassing Lingmoor Fell, New Dungeon Ghyll, Castle How, Lang How and Chapel Stile where, according to the signs, they were holding a Gala.

tny_1780.jpg (5008 bytes) Just on to the top of Lingmoor Fell, looking back towards Lake Windermere.
tny_1781.jpg (9304 bytes) Somehow, we didn't stop at the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel for lunch but parked ourselves round the back by a beck in some surprisingly strong sun (ouch!).
tny_1782.jpg (7866 bytes) We'd done the main path up to Stickle Tarn just a few weeks earlier so we opted for the direct route up one of the crags. Not brilliant scrambling but pleasant all the same.
tny_1785.jpg (6570 bytes) Well some of us did! Two (unnamed persons) preferred to struggle through the bracken.
tny_1786.jpg (7788 bytes) At about 4pm we finally reached our objective - the Gala in Chapel Stile. In fact we didn't go in but we had tea in the cafe above the Co-op and watched out of the window. There was Cumberland wrestling and all sorts.

That's all folks for this week. Sorry, but, in the rush, I didn't take many photos.