Lunch in Dhukure Pokhari

Lunch Stop

DCP_0913.JPG 2001/11/09 11:48 6.3mm f5.6 1/250s

The sun could be very powerful in the middle of the day. Even though there wasn't any snow nearby we had to wear sunglasses and cover our heads - except Steve who forgot to bring a hat!

In the distance is Chulu East, clocking in at a mere 6250m. This counts as a 'Trekking Peak' and this means that, if you want to climb it, you must pay for a permit, a Liaison Officer and a team of porters. Pema has climbed Chulu West as part of such a group.

Some prayer flags are arranged in strings like bunting but many are fixed to poles. They are either all white or in these five colours which are always hung in this order: blue for the sky; white for the clouds; red for the people; green for the water and yellow for the earth.