Manang Village and Gangapurna Glacier

Manang Village

DCP_0974.JPG 2001/11/11 10:22 6.9mm f5.6 1/250s

If you've read Maurice Herzog's account of the first ascent of Annapurna you may recall their visit to Manangbhot while searching for a route up. Here it is, at the bottom of the picture. We received a better welcome than they did but, possibly as the result of eating some pre-cooked rice, we all felt ill before we left. This was the only place where we had an en-suite room - and Steve made very good use of it too.

Down the left hand side is the Gangapurna Glacier with, very clearly visible, latteral moraines and a moraine lake. It really was that turquoise colour which is from all the ground rock that the glacier brings down (remember the 'green for the water' of the flags).

In the distance is the pass up to Tilicho Lake. After leaving Manang with little food, Herzog returned to Tukucha through here. On his way he managed to fall headlong into the river and was later benighted a little way before the frozen lake.  Now that must have been a cold night.