Pilgrim Morris Men's 30th Birthday, 19th-21st July 2002

Pilgrim Morris Men are 30 years old this year and celebrated the occasion in Guildford in the company of nine other morris sides: Mayflower, New Esperance, Hook Eagle, Ringheye, Windsor, Fleur-de-Lys, Hammersmith, Poynton Jemmers and Rampant Rooster


Saturday, 20th July 2002

Mayflower There were so many sides that we were divided into two groups. In the morning our group had the coach tour, where first stop was Godalming. Here's Mayflower Morris kicking off the proceedings. Mayflower were particularly good to us when they found out that we had only three dancers. With more than a little help from them we managed to do some dances for eight.
tny_1805.jpg (8486 bytes) You can tell this was taken at the beginning of the day - notice that his makeup is still complete and her face is still un-smudged!
tny_1811.jpg (9704 bytes) Here's Hook Eagle demonstrating their heavy sticking. The running order meant that we always came on straight after them and the ground was always covered in splinters of wood.
tny_1828.jpg (6654 bytes) After two dances each in Godalming we moved on to the pretty village of Shere where we managed to hold up quite a lot of traffic. Here we are, Ringheye, full-flight in Scarborough Hop.
tny_1834.jpg (9365 bytes) Then we were back on the coach to Guildford and lunch. This is what happens after you've got hot while dancing and / or kissed too many girls.
tny_1844.jpg (10562 bytes) Mayflower enjoying themselves outside the Friary shopping centre.
tny_1847.jpg (8924 bytes) Hook Eagle showing willing again outside the Electric Theatre.
tny_1849.jpg (6942 bytes) The flying feet of Windsor Morris.
tny_1851.jpg (7628 bytes) At last we get to see the birthday boys.
tny_1860.jpg (7654 bytes) A cheery wave from the Windsors
tny_1863.jpg (7843 bytes) And Pilgrim again, getting warm outside the Friary.

The Evening

tny_1868.jpg (6582 bytes) Despite the oppressive heat, we all had great fun at the ceilidh...
tny_1869.jpg (6901 bytes) ...with the excellent Committee Band and their caller Nick Walden.
tny_1873.jpg (8040 bytes) After the ceilidh it was time for beer and pickles - can I interest anyone in a pickled sprout?

Sunday, 21st July 2002

tny_1877.jpg (9025 bytes) Hammersmith Morris have a reputation for excellent dancing and here's why.
tny_1878.jpg (8510 bytes) The Hammers again
tny_1879.jpg (8077 bytes) And here's their musicians. The guy at the back is Nick, who called at the ceilidh. I don't know the name of the guy in front but I reckon that I've seen him before - about 18 years ago at a Basildon Great Oaks weekend!
tny_1885.jpg (8683 bytes) New Esperance always managed to do something original.
tny_1881.jpg (9222 bytes) And this lot produced a lovely sound...
tny_1888.jpg (7522 bytes) ...while the Poynton Jemmers danced Mobberley.

We all had a great time thanks to the excellent work behind the scenes from Pilgrim. Many thanks to all those who put in so much work. The food was particularly good - thank you Jane and Richard.