Cycling in Worcestershire 18th-19th May 2002

After last year's rather hard outing on the Cheshire Cycleway, Ian chose something a bit less strenuous for this, now annual, Vibram cycling trip.

thm_1491.jpg (7011 bytes) Friday night, in the Plume of Feathers on Castlemoreton Common, and what are we doing - checking the local pub guide! It was a very nice pub with good ale and friendly staff - and camping in the back garden.

Saturday, 18th May 2002

thm_1493.jpg (6015 bytes) But during the night it rained, and it rained, and it rained. And when we woke up - it was still raining.
thm_1494.jpg (7558 bytes) Fortunately, it dried up by the time we were ready for the off.
thm_1496.jpg (7815 bytes) First stop was Upton-upon-Severn where we tied up outside the heritage centre. The pub we wanted, The Upton Muggery, was closed so we resorted to a tea room. Despite being CTC recommended the portions were far from cyclist sized. Even the pot of tea for three only just stretched to four cups. However, we did spend a good while in The Map Shop - recommended.
thm_1502.jpg (8288 bytes) There are no quiet roads over the Avon so we resorted to a footpath over a weir...
thm_1503.jpg (7154 bytes) ...and another...
thm_1504.jpg (7667 bytes) ...and a lock!
thm_1505.jpg (8293 bytes) We arrived in Pershore just too late for the bar meals but the garden of The Brandy Cask was still great. At the bottom there were swans and boats going past on the River Avon and next to us was a large tank full of carp.
thm_1506.jpg (5296 bytes) Leaving Pershore we cycled along a back street with an incredible set of cycle lanes - one at the entrance to every side road.
thm_1507.jpg (6180 bytes) This is Wyre Piddle. Very picturesque but we didn't find the brewery.
thm_1508.jpg (7590 bytes) Our usual mess after we arrived at the camp site at Yessel Farm, just outside Evesham.
thm_1509.jpg (3613 bytes) In the evening we cycled into the town. We never managed to identify Eve but we did find plenty of her ham in the J.D.Wetherspoons pub - oh, and some cheap beer and very cheep food. The rest of the town didn't inspire - except for this 'art' next to the bicycle park.

Sunday, 19th May 2002

thm_1510.jpg (8331 bytes) Janet made here own way to Tewkesbury but, for the rest of us, Broadway was our first objective.
thm_1513.jpg (7080 bytes) And very pretty it was too.
thm_1514.jpg (7344 bytes) Ian in Snowshill.
thm_1515.jpg (6998 bytes) Spot the difference!
thm_1519.jpg (4411 bytes) We stopped to chat to this pair (father and daughter?) on an ally-framed off-road combination while they waited for their friends to come back and take the correct turning! This looks like fun too.
thm_1521.jpg (5601 bytes) Dropping down into Winchcombe, Ian and I topped 40 mph but we'd slowed down by the time we got to this bit. There were pretty houses and villages all over the place and it turned out to be very nice cycling country - well chosen Ian.
thm_1524.jpg (8322 bytes) We finally made it to The Nottingham Arms in Tewkesbury nearly two hours after Janet. But I don't think she minded that much. It had nice beer and wonderful food and was quite rowdy but friendly. Ian did like his gammon - honest.
thm_1525.jpg (6649 bytes) After leaving Tewkesbury, we found another back way - this time through Bushley Green - where Janet managed an applause from the audience as she cycled past this game of cricket. I think that somebody had just been caught out at nearly the same time.
thm_1526.jpg (7226 bytes) Between Bushley Green and Guller's End there is a short stretch of bridleway - which caused us some amusement.
thm_1528.jpg (7976 bytes) Some of us detoured to Birtsmorton to see this nice Church and the Court - which also looked nice but appeared to be private. However, we did sneak far enough up the front drive to see a stone hog in the garden.
thm_1529.jpg (7566 bytes) 5pm and we're all back safe and sound - even if the camera is a bit piddled.

In total we travelled 50km on Saturday and 70km on Sunday.